glowboy84's Journal

HELLO! I love you, won't you tell me your name?

I'd say I'm doing pretty well. Life is pretty awesome and gets better daily. I've lived in Seattle for about 2 years now in basically a commune with 7 other people. Though daily population counts will vary. They are all extremely cool individuals and I love each of them unabashedly.

I work at a corporation and I enjoy it as much as one can enjoy working at a corporation. I just wish that I could be doing something that is more mentally, physically, or spiritually stimulating. A job where I can explore something new on a daily basis or that carries with it some tricky problems that I can try and find nice, sleek solutions for. Every day brings new chances, so who knows?

Before living in the Emerald city I lived in Olympia for about 10 years. Where I was to become a man... Olympia definitely feels like home when I think about it. If nothing else then it's my spiritual home. The creativity and kindness that inhabits the soul of Olympia is not to be denied. It changes everyone it touches. :) Prior to Olympia I lived in a lot of different cities around eastern Lake Washington (Woodinville, Kingsgate, Kirkland, Totem lake, Bothell.)

My future is what I'm really interested in. Where will I go? What people will I meet? What adventures will I tell my grandkids? Who will I be adventuring with?

Oh yeah and if there was any question. I'm definitively all the way over on the gay side of the sexual orientation spectrum. Kind of like I'm all the way over on the so-called left side of the American political spectrum.
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