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Writer's Block: If Animals Could Talk
If you could ask your pet any question (and they could answer you), what would it be?

To my cat:

Schrodinger, what did your mom name you when you were born and what does it mean?

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I really like that answer! My two cats are a mother/daughter pair. Sometimes the mother named Callie will meow this phrase and Samhain, the daughter, will come up to her. So I'm assuming that is Samhain's name. Of course, I can't do an impression or really remember how it sounds but I know it when I hear it.

Usually I'll hear it when Callie sees a bug and then they'll team up and hunt it. It's kind of cool, huh?

Schrodinger's my little ninja cat. He's always hunting and if you have the chance to see him at night it's nothing more than a black smudge hiding in a deep shadow. If I were his mother cat I would have probably named him something in relation to that.

His bestie is a cat named Zim that just yesterday moved with my former room mate to another city. I'm pretty sure he was calling out Zim's "real" name last night from about 1 am to 5 am. It's kind of tragic. Actually it's more of a gay romantic tragedy. Zim and Schrodinger were a little more than just friends if you catch my drift. Poor kid.

Ugh, I am so tired right now. :P

Samhain is a cool name for a cat by the way. I like it. :)

Thank you very much! I adopted her officially (by that I mean I decided to keep her instead of her brothers and sisters) around Halloween and she is a tortoiseshell but mainly black and orange.

Aaaand she's slinky.

Wasn't it the dude that was called Schrodinger?
Oh wait, YOUR cat is called Schrodinger. Hahahaha. So does he sleep in a box at night? hehehehehehe ahhh nerd humour

Well yeah total nerd joke but I have a pretty good reason for naming him that though again also a very nerdy reason. My old-roomie that just so happened to move out this week, her name's Kat(I know, right?), was working to find homes for a litter of kittens. All black except for a beautiful little princess, Belle the pyrenees mountain dog, who had the coolest gray/cream tabby markings ever. Anyway Kat just wasn't sure how many cats she had and counts went from there being 5 to 8. Also we weren't sure how many were boys and how many were girls. So I took it upon myself to identify each kitten and discovered that there was only 5 kittens and that 4 of them had been spoken for. So Schrodinger was the last cat left who represented to me the 3 kittens who had only existed until we sat down and "observed" them. Like the physicist Schrodinger who observes the outcome of his test which is the action that expresses two seperate alternate realities. Basically I squelched the existence of 3 cats and thus made 4 cats into 1. Who is black with a few white hairs mixed in all over. And the only way to not mistake him for his 3 brothers is that he has one white whisker. Which for some reason he chews off. I think it's because he's a hardcore ninja cat and that the whisker would give him away to his enemies.

That is the COOLEsT kitty story I've ever heard! I absolutely love the nerd reference. In fact I'm super impressed with the whole Schrodinger thing. I've known about the 'experiment' for years but only just started reading up on Quantum physics in more detail. Are you into that sort of thing? It's forcing me into a deeper understanding of Schrodinger and his feline existentialism/box fetish... also, it is making brain hurt.

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