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What do you think about the word faggot?
What does it mean to you? How do you use it or how has it been used on you? Any special feelings or thoughts?

I read the definition in the dictionary like many of us have and was confused that someone would be calling me a 'bundle of sticks'. Why was that offensive? How did this name even become something offensive? Was it because the brits smoke 'fags'? Like smoking is a double entendre.

Then I found out the history behind the word. It does have very negative connotation/history. It might have a more ancient history but the most recent historical usage was in times of the Witch trials in colonial times. Gay men and women were used as 'fags' i.e. tinder to burn the witches on trial. There were just so many of us that they burned us in piles.

Though there is no reason why we can't be positive about the word. Much like the pink triangle that we transformed into a symbol of power. It's all tied into how we take the word and use it. Historical meanings aren't the end all be all of meaning. We live in dynamic societies.


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I think it's offensive, but more than what it means is what the user means when they say it. To me anyway.
What's this about a pink triangle?

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