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Writer's Block: Your Username
Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?

My online name has been Dimglow for as long as I can remember and that is where the story comes from. I used to be really into Anne McCaffrey's Pern series and Dimglow was used as a term for someone when they did something foolish or stupid. I.e. you called them a dimglow like here in modern times when we would call someone a dimbulb (no I have never called anyone a dimbulb. I mean sure I'm a dork but I never stooped that low.) I was just pointing out to myself that part of the first step in the path of wisdom is to truly understand how little you actually are starting out with. Anyway I decided a year or two ago that self denigration is bad for the soul so I decided to drop names like Dimglow. So I chose my name based off of the person who collects the dim glows and trades them out for fresh glows. Glows, by the way, were a light source for the cave dwelling Pernese. They had to stay underground because otherwise they would be killed by their nemesis: Thread. The glows were phosperescent as you would assume a glowing rock would be.

The first name I chose on livejournal was Don Coyote but Mika, my room mate, told me that everyone would think I was a furry if I chose it. I chose that name because it was similar to Don Quixote which is the story made famous by a gentleman who fights windmills that he thinks are giants. The main character was foolish, honourable and very romantic. He had some traits that I could do well to emulate. Also because Coyote is a very cool god in the southwestern Native American mythos. Trickster gods are awesome.

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Don Coyote, that's awesome. I wish you'd kept it, I love it :)
Hey, I'll give you a hi-five if you can guess what my nickname stands for!

Hmm.. This one is tricky. I would have to say... Your username is based off of popstar sensation Meg Baker.

Her famous song: My name is Meggy Bee. Wait aren't you... Meg Baker? Oh my gawd!!! Can I have your autograph?




wait, yes, you can... but you have to come and get it! mwahaha

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