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Brain is all hurty...

I'm having issues at work.  I have this headache and it seems to be coming every time I get stressed.  Which is pretty much every time i talk to a remarkably dumb consumer.  I seem to be really successful at fielding their calls but my head is all mushy and hurty feeling afterwards.

I had a call today and it went an hour and half because I couldn't "take control of the call."  I was helping them set up their wifi connection and we succeeded but destroyed the connectioon to their computers.  They didn't get upset but after the first 40 minutes I was getting really tired and slightly stressed and then the headache struck and I couldn't shake them.  My level of knowledge for networks and routers was way too stretched already by this point so I wouldn't be able to help them even if I was feeling okay.  The last 30 minutes was me listening to them telling me what they were doing and me giving them small encouragement.  My brain was just too whacked to tell them that there was nothing more that I could do for them.

Oh well.  Journaling seems to be releaving some of the crud.  Awesome.


I seem to be one part rye and one part wry and a whole lot of hot air.

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Crap! crap! Customers are craaaap! *sing it with me now*
*have some cyber aspirin for your head achey*

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