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Writer's Block: Fashion Forward
What do you think we'll be wearing twenty years from now?

I will be 45... So that means I will be wearing a barrel. Or maybe I'll live in a nudist colony. Or maybe the clothes that I will be wearing will be part of something similar to a hologram that I can program from either mental thought to the nanobots traveling through my bloodstream. Or via implants in my forearm that allow me to change cut, color, and style of what I'm wearing. Beyond the hologram maybe it could also have a forcefield that would be able to control the rate of heat exchange from my skin. I.e. In the middle of a hot summer day you'd be able to create that layered look but be able to at the same time feel cool and breezy. Just think if it starts raining, BOOM! the field stops water from reaching your skin.

Just imagine the possibilities. Anyway these aren't really my thoughts as much as they are the thoughts of sci-fi writers who I've read and of course the knowledge I've sponged up over the years about stuff and things.


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